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Find out what happened at CAA 2019!

Council of Ambulance Authorities 2019 Congress (CAA19): Event Recap

Find out what happened at CAA 2019!

As CAA19 delegates gathered at the Crown Convention Centre in Perth on 13 – 15 August, Michelle Fyfe, CEO of St John WA gave a great introduction to Western Australia and her organisation. She told us how St John WA – the local authority for the event – effectively runs an organisation of 1,700 staff and 8,900 volunteers.

The Welcome to Country took us back through 40,000 years of history, and we saw the tale of the dingo hunting the emu brought to life through dance.

The ceremony was informative, respectful, and engaging – the concept of a travel didgeridoo will remain with us forever!

CAA 2019 welcome to country

Keynote speaker Bernard Salt from The Demographics Group showed facts and statistics that demonstrate how immigration rates of 200,000 per year drive prosperity, and that with an aging population, the challenge for ambulance services is to maintain a viable share of the tax revenue.

He explained that with 39% of Australians born outside the country we are seen as having a ‘plastic culture’, absorbing elements from multiple cultures into our everyday lives, bringing a global flavour to the definition of Australian culture.

CAA 2019 Aus Population

Statistics presented how Australians have lost heart in religion, government and trade unions.

As consumers we are becoming increasingly cynical. But we are also looking increasingly to organisations such as ambulance services to provide crucial community support. This is an opportunity for us to build on that sentiment and ensure ambulance services are well-funded in the future.

Professor Richard Lyon MBE opened our eyes to the future of medicine in 2050 as he talked about the chain of survival and showed the vital importance of an early diagnosis.

He outlined how we might better achieve this in the future using wearables, video diagnostics and biometrics to link the patient to their medical history.

He raised the subject of genome sequencing and the ACE gene and even postulated a future where patients might be frozen on the street prior to transport, transferred to a hospital and then reactivated following surgery. Visionary indeed!

The CAA Awards for Excellence Gala dinner saw Ambulance Victoria take the top award for Excellence in Patient Care, Excellence in Clinical Performance, Excellence in Technology and the 2019 Star Award in a tight competition that reflects well on all the ambulance operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Queensland Ambulance Service picked up the Staff Development award, and SA Ambulance Service took the Excellence in Leadership award.

At an invitation-only breakfast hosted by Trapeze, industry leaders discussed their ideas to depict the vision for enabling a connected journey, now and into 2050, and why it’s so important as a building block for the future.

Attendees discussed how we can ideate future concepts, meet associated challenges and work together within the industry to share those ideas regularly.

Keynote speaker, futurist and author Dr Bruce McCabe, had us all talking about the future, as we turned our focus towards innovative medical technology that’s changing the world, from machine learning to regenerative medicine and quantum computing.

Trapeze Industry Solutions Manager David Panter demonstrated to delegates the value of merging vehicle telemetry, telecommunications and CAD dispatch data. He also showed how a modern data dashboard can give insights and allow planning in ways not previously possible.

Emergency Management Software Dashboard CAA 2019

Watch this space for an article on David’s presentation.

Dan Rose from St John WA gave us insights into how St John have significantly improved the survivability rates on cardiac arrest management.

Kate Jennings from Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA) inspired us by showing how we can learn from our mistakes.

In WFA she showed how they implemented call backs to confirm patient status and give information on the ambulance arrivals to those who have called. This allows for a better triage, more efficient use of vehicles and reduced stress on patients and those waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Out in the trade show exhibition hall, vendors provided an excellent range of relevant products and services. From vehicles through stretcher technology, diagnostics and lifesaving tools, paramedics and managers alike were able to see and discuss what was available.

A common theme throughout the event was the popularity of the Trapeze Group interactive board where all delegates were given the opportunity to put forward their ideas on how to improve patient outcomes through enabling a connected journey now and into 2050.

The response was fantastic, and participants were enthusiastic in presenting their ideas and concepts.

It was really something to see the local artist translate the ideas into a living graphic.

David Waters, CEO of the CAA awarded the winning idea to Heidi Little from Wellington Free Ambulance for her drone concept: “As a paramedic and clinical paramedic advisor, by 2030 I want drones with primary care medications following tele triage and referral, so that low socioeconomic areas have better access to primary health care in NZ.”

CAA 2019 Interactive Board St John

Dan Rose from St John Ambulance WA at the Trapeze Group interactive board

With so many opportunities to connect, learn and share knowledge, CAA19 was an outstanding event all-round. We’re looking forward to CAA20 in Sydney.

Trapeze are currently working with CAA on a paper to explore the ideas generated on the interactive board, with input from emergency experts on how we can all provide better patient outcomes.

If you would like to receive a copy of the paper, register here for a release alert.

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