Gain the Competitive Edge With Local Experts in Bus Mergers and Acquisitions

Working with an ERP provider with local knowledge and a team of experts on hand when you need them gives you greater leverage.

Gain the Competitive Edge With Local Experts in Bus Mergers and Acquisitions

Working with an ERP technology provider that is bus-minded and can support your move is incredibly powerful as they can provide experts when you need them the most. With an ERP solution that is tailored to the bus market and your current operation, the transfer of best practices will be more seamless in acquisitions.


For example:

  • From a planning and scheduling perspective, your runcutting and rostering experts can build on the current schedules and perfect them prior to the transition using a system they are familiar with, allowing you to benefit from more efficient schedules and duty rosters.
  • Every operation and even depot has its own nuances when it comes to managing drivers and buses, but the fundamentals are always the same. Having a tool that allows you to implement your best practice principles at the same time as capturing local knowledge will ensure any new operation will be up and running at its optimal level quickly with the least amount of risk to the business.
  • From a fleet management and inventory perspective, you are aware to the most granular level of the health and productivity of the largest physical asset your business owns: the buses you operate. Having an accurate account of your inventory will also allow you to best manage cash flow and concentrate on the areas of the business that need the most attention.
  • From a finance point of view, if you have an integrated finance solution already set up that can reach into every part of the new bus operation, you will identify very quickly what areas need the most improvement in order to bring it up to standard and you can compare and consolidate across your group.
  • Being able to quickly automate the complicated task of payroll eliminates risk from your business. You will not be reliant upon a few key individuals within each operation who hold all of the knowledge.

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