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Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions

Find out how Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions improved operational efficiency with Trapeze.

Keolis Downer

Keolis Downer have been using Trapeze solutions for over 20 years.

Sapphire Coast Buslines

Find out how Sapphire Coast Buslines grew by 50% without incurring significant administrative costs.

Ventura Bus Lines

Find out how Ventura Bus Lines stays ahead of the competition.

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The mobility model for a post-covid world?
Bus, Light Rail, Ferry

When public transport franchising for bus, light rail, and ferry operations makes sense.

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DAS is not just about saving fuel

Dive into KiwiRail's interview with Rail Express on its adoption of driver advisory systems - TTG Energymiser.

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Electric buses and how ITS will help

Find out why ITS technology is needed to manage the new complexities electric vehicles bring to bus fleets.

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