Enterprise Asset Management for Rail

Improve asset lifespan, minimise costs and decrease disruptions with an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution.

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Streamline Enterprise Asset Management

Rail organisations are tasked with managing large numbers of skilled engineers, equipment and inventory to keep assets in a constant state of good repair, in compliance with ISO 55000.

A purpose-built Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution eliminates the need for costly customisation or ongoing upgrade costs. This is a solution tailor-made for rail, reducing the need for customisations and enabling a path for rail industry innovation and upgrades, made available annually.

The Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management solution incorporates workflows and processes unique to rail, tracking assets and infrastructure including rolling stock, facilities, linear assets, signalling and other components. 

We are an organisation that understands rail, speak the language and have a lens on enterprise asset management and maintenance solutions.

Explore the capabilities of the Trapeze EAM solution by watching this informative video.

Improve Efficiency and Safety

With a purpose-built EAM, rail organisations can better manage asset and workforce activities to operate more efficiently while reducing maintenance costs and improving safety. The Trapeze EAM solution can also integrate with intelligent, self-monitoring assets to enable predictive maintenance.

Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Capabilities

A key feature of a powerful, tailor-made asset management solution is that it helps rail operators and maintainers move away from planned maintenance activities toward condition-based and predictive maintenance strategies. Trapeze EAM does this by tracking an asset’s condition throughout its useful life. Information is power and understanding your asset condition – in real time – enables maintenance plans and inspections to be adjusted specifically to ensure assets keep operating at acceptable levels by intervening only when required.

Real-time Asset Condition Monitoring

Improve response times to operational asset faults and failures through real-time asset status views using remote condition monitoring technology. Integrate your EAM with intelligent vehicles capable of self-monitoring to make condition and predictive maintenance viable. View live asset data and access associated asset records, work orders and service requests.

Linear Assets

Keep accurate records and maintain a current view of above and below-rail linear assets including tracks, tunnels, bridges, signalling, cabling, third rail, sleepers, bearings and electrical wiring. Find asset information in seconds by entering the linear reference to view the full asset record and improve maintenance of way practices.

Rolling Stock Assets

Ensure effective maintenance plans are developed and implemented for light and heavy rail rolling stock assets, from railcars, trams, diesel and electric locomotives, coaches, carriages, freight wagons and passengers cars to support vehicles. Protect complex rolling stock assets through configuration of management audit processes using a single source of asset information available across your entire organisation.

Resource Levelling

Optimise maintenance work time through a clear view of available skilled engineer hours to schedule against upcoming maintenance work, reducing reactive maintenance issues. Gain a better understanding of how planned maintenance schedules can affect asset availability through improved governance.

Maintenance Management

Effectively manage large teams of engineers across multiple locations. Build, allocate and swap crews as required, limiting downtime and ensuring ongoing good state of asset repair. React quickly to disruptions and incidents by applying asset monitoring technology and more effective maintenance resource management. Leverage rail-specific workflows from Track Access Request, Slow Zone and Operating Restrictions and Permit to Work business processes.

Task Assignment, Workforce reporting

Empower field technicians and engineers with a rail-specific user interface including online and offline modes for access in any location, improving operational workforce efficiency in the field. Perform visual linear track inspections with embedded GIS functionality to position the exact track segment based on current location data. Access feature-rich options including work orders, inspections, meter readings, timecards, inventory management and more.

How Trapeze EAM helps key stakeholders

Best-practice asset maintenance helps multiple stakeholder groups streamline processes to increase safety, reduce costs and ensure ISO 55000 compliance.

Rolling Stock

Better understand the current state of rolling stock assets to improve maintenance management processes and extend useful asset life.


Stay informed about the status of all signalling technology footprints; track and plan for future maintenance and renewals.

Track Works

Apply governance by implementing built-for-rail track possession and linear asset workflows for engineering teams and crews.


Interface seamlessly with building management systems to improve asset-failure response times.

Operations and Control Centre

See the current performance of rail operations and maintenance through incident management capabilities.


Enable C-level decision-making and capital planning with asset and rail fleet governance coordinated through an EAM solution.

Customer Testimonials

Enterprise Asset Management
Trapeze EAM is our single source of truth for asset management. With Trapeze, we know we’re always dealing with the most accurate data available – it’s the backbone of the success behind our enterprise asset maintenance strategy. As we say every day – if it’s not in Trapeze, it never happened.

Ever Diaz, Digital Solutions Director, Enterprise Asset Management Systems
Keolis Commuter Services, Boston, USA

Enterprise Asset Management
"By utilising Trapeze for Track Inspection, we have visibility and accountability from the time a defect is discovered until it is repaired, all in one system. Trapeze has superior linear capabilities coupled with the ability to manage fleet, rail, stationary, component equipment units in the same program. While the story is one of improvement throughout Bus, Rail rolling stock, and Facilities, the gains made in managing our linear assets are exceptional."

Tim Elsberry, Assistant Director of Track & Structures
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), USA

Enterprise Asset Management
“We can now report to management across any maintenance area from one system. By tracking in a standard way, the data is more consistent.”

Tom Dowling, IT Project Manager
Sound Transit, Seattle, USA

Enterprise Asset Management
“I am constantly amazed by how powerful the system is.”

Lou Cripps, Senior Manager, Asset Management SGR
Regional Transportation District (RTD), USA

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