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Streamline and Centralise Bus Resource Planning

To succeed in an increasingly competitive, lean market, bus organisations need technology designed to manage complex, day-to-day public transport workflows and actions. Simplify operations by automating tasks, eliminating duplication and providing a single source of truth with a bus-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Improve efficiency and leverage valuable business data using a single technology platform that provides both high-level and detailed insights across your organisation. Manage all points of contact from a fully integrated platform.

Work with a shared database that provides visibility across your organisation - helping better allocate resources and facilitate the flow of information between departments. Connect finance, payroll, rostering, depots, workshops, operations and fleets with executive management to deliver insightful, integrated business intelligence and asset tracking.

Watch this short explanatory video for an overview of the Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning solution capabilities.

Gain Efficiencies with a Single Source of Information

The Trapeze ERP solution comprises multiple modules designed to meet the unique needs of public transport bus organisations. An open technology platform that can integrate with other solutions, as well as third-party software, Trapeze ERP equips you with a single source of information to manage all aspects of bus operations.

Real-Time Control

Increase the efficiency of operational command centres through a centralised operations system. Scale modules and capabilities to your specific business needs. The ITS system actively informs control centre dispatchers when incidents occur, enables dispatch and communication with vehicles, and provides an accurate overview of all operations.

Intelligent Communications

Advanced, integrated ITS control manages communications to increase efficiencies, such as deploying the optimal number of human or vehicle resources. Depot servers and on-board computers exchange and share data on timetables, announcements, statistics, logs, device messages and Automatic Vehicle Location and Control.

Signs & Displays

Improve the customer experience by providing accurate, up-to-date passenger information. Along with next-stop announcements, the ITS updates destination text on internal and external signage, as well as smart devices and prepares data for multi-functional in-vehicle displays. The control centre can use the on-board computer to communicate with passengers or listen-in to the vehicle during emergencies.

Smart Operations

The ITS automatically calculates vehicle positions at all times to automate: vehicle monitoring; standard operating procedures; driver relief monitoring, and timetable adherence data collection. Trapeze ITS is intuitive and easy to use and can be configured to specific organisational needs as well as individual user requirements.


Trapeze ITS is compatible with modules including ticketing, passenger counting, voice radio, and passenger displays. It is also capable of integrating with third-party peripherals, such as CCTV, Siri, ITxPT and more. ITS optimises the capabilities of the technology to ensure information is collected, communicated and shared with all stakeholders.

Incident Decision Support

Trapeze’s Operations Control Centre gives dispatchers and controllers full access to ITS functions to respond to incidents as they occur. Users can react quickly to problems on the network, detect and manage errors or disturbances, and deploy vehicles and crew in the most effective configuration relevant to the incident at hand.

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