Intelligent Transport Systems for Light Rail & Tram

Powerful control systems deliver vision, information and control in a single integrated solution.

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Improve Customer Experience

Technology that was once cutting-edge is now expected, and customers demand on-time services, priority transport, information and a safe and smooth journey from transport providers.

An integrated Intelligent Transport System (ITS) inclusive of Automated Vehicle Management (AVM) provides operators with an end to end, integrated solution, connecting your operation control to your drivers and your services with your passengers, in real-time.

The ITS solution provides light rail and tram operators with the opportunity to manage headways and implement traffic light priority to enhance on-time performance during peak periods. The solution also assists with identifying real-time operational issues and with customer experience outputs, providing that information to passengers, enabling better decision-making for efficient use of the network. Take this one step further and passengers can be notified of upcoming transfer points and their departure times, making the trip even smoother for your customers.

See how the city of Zurich uses the world’s most advanced compound operations control system and AVLC to improve light rail passenger services.

Solve Network Challenges in Real Time

Automated Vehicle Location & Control (AVLC) provides accurate vehicle tracking to generate a real-time operational view for effective fleet management and on-time performance. Graphical representations show late trips and congested or blocked lines. Real-time passenger information (RTPI) and signage keeps commuters informed in real time.

Tracking systems cannot operate in isolation and the advent of 4G and VOIP has changed the Command and Control paradigm forever. When combined with text and voice communications, controllers can effectively intervene to make networks operational. Staying relevant is critical, and the right AVLC is the way to do this.

The Trapeze Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Running many of the world’s largest systems in cities including London, Singapore, Zurich and Riyadh, Trapeze ITS is a complete real-time management solution built to make light rail and tram transport control effective and powerful.

Real-time Control

Improve on-time performance with a real-time vehicle view using GUI, maps and route diagrams. Manage planned and spontaneous path dispatch functions and communicate consistent system-wide passenger information and predictions for supplied dispatch paths.

Intelligent Communications

Integrate VOIP or hybrid communications with group calls across more than one type of network. Enable voice calls, including group and network calls, for a variety of public and private networks including analogue, public mobile (2G, 3G, 4G) and TETRA. Leverage support capabilities for hybrid systems.

Incident Decision Support

Allow operators to develop checklists and workflows to minimise the impact of major incidents. Deliver proven responses to disruptions to take prompt action, sending passengers timely and valid information.

Traffic Signal Priority

Improve on-time running with GPS-based traffic signal priority including advanced trigger points. Eliminate manual intervention and reduce human error through a fully automated system. Interface seamlessly with most modern traffic signal controllers.

Signage and Displays

Provide real-time passenger information (RTPI) generated by a powerful built-in prediction engine. Inform passengers of travel times, weather, news and more through in-vehicle information displays. Support real-time sign information with built-in Siri and on-street passenger information-sharing. Communicate clear, accurate service information to passengers through state-of-the-art, low energy street-side and stop signage.

Smart Operations

Leverage support and viable metrics for timetable or headway-operated routes for turn-up-and-ride services. Rely on built-in connection protection across modes, and quickly identify issues with built-in Business Intelligence support for advanced reporting and data analysis.

How Trapeze ITS Solves Stakeholder Challenges

See how Trapeze ITS solves challenges for rail stakeholders organisation-wide.


Improve passenger experience by providing accurate, real-time journey information through signage on and off the vehicle to help passengers plan and complete trips.

Dispatch Centres

Provide real-time visibility and communication across the network to react to incidents and activate diversions or alternate running, improving on-time performance.

Executive Management

Leverage performance metrics to drive better utilisation of assets and infrastructure. Deliver on-time performance and provide a powerful platform to introduce new services across the city.

CX Managers

Improve customer satisfaction with innovations including headway, shorter trip times, real-time trip information and current updates, both on and off the vehicle.

Transport Authorities

Drive network-wide improvements with unambiguous performance metrics; open up potential for true multimodal connectivity.

Transport Operators

Generate greater options for efficient fleet operations through increased visibility and communications, while working with tools that let you act quickly when changes arise.

Customer Testimonials

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The benefits for the customer include not only a ‘one ticket for all’ system but also transfer information across the borders of the individual transport agencies.”

Rolf Spring, Project Manager
VBZ and the entire ZVV Control System, Zurich

Intelligent Transport Systems
“BVB have upgraded control centre technology to the latest state of technology. The control centre is now better integrated with various interfaces, making it ready for future further developments.”

Arne Schöllhorn, Head of AVLC
Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe, Switzerland

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Introduction of the parity system has clearly simplified the work of the dispatcher in mixed radio traffic. We are also satisfied with the way the new transfer protection G2 has been implemented. It illustrates the great expertise that Trapeze has acquired in this field.”

Harald Orth, Project Manager Control System
Bernmobil, Switzerland

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Our information signs from Trapeze allow us to keep our passengers fully updated at all times. In this way, our customers can experience the advantages of the new AVLC system with their own eyes. We have also effectively extended the service by networking with external passenger information systems.”

Ludwig Nerb, Head of Traffic Telematics
Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs GmbH (Switzerland)

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